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Cupedo 100 year history

Developing new products and renew old products with new proven techniques returns often during the decades in
our history. New proven techniques are applied in
the hydraulic and pneumatic products.
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Engineroom Queen Elisabeth. Click image to enlarge.

Cupedo Engineering-works has been established in 1906 with producing various kinds of winches, level gauges and on board repairs. In the fifties we construct the first pneumatically remote controlled actuators for on valves. In the seventies also hydraulic actuators were produced.
Furthermore Cupedo has made several ballast systems for the newbuilding ship industry. The products were also supplied to the offshore and petro-chemical industry. Since 1996 we also produce actuators for the gas industry.
Mighty Servant 1. Click image to enlarge.

Other products of Cupedo are reflex level gauges for on tanks and various types of testbenches for testing bodies of valves. The most recent developments are the hydraulic control of 40 feet container conveyors in harbours and distribution centres and quick connection systems for fixing furniture and apparatus.

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