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Container Transport system
Quick tight Connection systems
Single and Duplex restrictions

Container Transport systems
Since 1999 the hydraulic control of a conveyor belt system has been eingineered which can handle loads up to 34 tons and transport speeds up to 1 meter a scond.

The intersections are hydraulically controlled and allow a container to change direction rather than rotating the container.

Promo – Teus BV developed with seven other supplier companies among Cupedo the conveyor belt system. Our part is the enginnering and manufacturing of the hydraulic system.

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Quick Tight Connection Systems

During 2005 till 2007 we have developped for Bollier quick tight systems Ltd. a new system to fix furniture and heavy apparatus in the groung, for example exhibition shows.


Single and Duplex restrictions
Since 2003 we have produced single and duplex restrictions for air refreshing systems of JOA.


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