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Remote controlled valve systems
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Actuators and Remote
controlled valve systems

Cupedo manufactures custom build remote control valve systems for the Marine, dredging and offshore industries.

These days more and more type of ships are equipped with Remote – Operated Liquid – Management – Systems, which reduce cost and increase the safety. Such a system consist of valves which are remote operated by means of an actuator directly built on the valve – giving a perfect and reliable surveillance.

Cupedo designs and manufactures amont others the following systems:
Fail safe and double acting actuators
Hydraulic power units
Control cabinets/local sol. valve boxes.
Hydr./Pneumatic and electric.
Project engineering Commissioning
and service Specials


A new development is the HPPI hydraulic positive position indication system, without wiring for open/shut indication between the actuators and the local hydraulic solenoid valve cabinets of control panel.

HPPI Turkije KGS

Separate and in combination with ballast systems Cupedo designs and manufactures double/single acting hydraulic/pneumatic actuators for on butterfly valves, ball - , globe – and gate valves.

All type of actuators for globe – and gate valves can be pneumatic or hydraulic driven, also spring return type is possible.


More information can be found at

For heavy barges we have also hydraulic double acting actuators which can be altered into single acting actuators by means of an accumulator.

3D drawing HCPV including Accumulator

Construction – Test units
Cupedo has manufactured since 1983 more then 550 test units for valves in more then 90 different designs. The clamping range is from 2 ton untill 350 ton tension. With this extensive experience we are able to design many type of test unit for any valve. Delivery time from design to manufacture is 6 weeks.

Customers are valve manufacturers, - wholesale dealers and – revision companies.
Sales are done by VVC which you can fond at

assembly2 btv

Construction – Other products
Since 1935 Cupedo manufactures reflex level gauges. In 1994 major cost reduction was realised by product improvements. The altered reflex gauges were certified by Lloyds with a type approval. The reflex gauges are available in different executions for different liquids, up to 20 bars.

Photo RPL St.St. Tyco

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